Old things and such

While on our way to have some Marble Slab Creamery today, I don’t know why my boyfriend, Marion, and I brought up the topic of Neopets.

Do you guys still remember Neopets? Well, for those not born in the cool 90’s age, Neopets is a virtual pet website. It was pretty cool back then when I was a kid in Primary school. Oh how I adored my cute little pets. Ah! I finally remembered how we came across that.

We were bloated and I told him how I first learned of that word and that was from Neopets. Well you see, like ordinary pets, they need to be fed so everytime I fed them, there would be a status telling me exactly how full they were. So if I overfed them, they’d be bloated.

Today when I got home, I typed Neopets in the search link to see if they still exist and yes they still do! I got really excited over this though I can’t remember what my old account’s username was, much less the password. I got excited because they still exist and it was a fragment of my childhood. A reminder of my kiddy days.

And then I went on to check Friendster. Yes, people, Friendster! That still exists as well. I don’t actually have a purpose of writing this post, I’m just simply sharing my fascination and short-lived joy of old finds. Haha maybe I guess I do miss being a kid sometimes. But I don’t ever want to go through PSLE and O levels again. :/


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