Letting Go

I think it’s really time to let that memory go and stop fighting it. It’s clear you can’t be happy for me and it’s now super clear to me that you want nothing to do with me. As much as that makes me super pissed and annoyed, I think more than anything the underlying emotion is disappointment in having high hopes and the sadness that comes with it.
I’ve tried to preserve so little of what was left in our friendship so I guess now I know for real I have tried and nothing has changed or worked. I’ve held on to this past for 2-3 years now and it truly is time to let it go – every mistake I blamed myself for, every good thing that existed in our friendship, every memory I have of you and how our friendship used to be. I want to forget it all and I want to forget you… At least til I can truly let go off the bitter emotions I have over this.
I know what I have now is so much better than what I had then but nobody can truly replace someone who once so special to you, so important. They can only help you build happier memories and journey with you from this day onwards. So I don’t seek to replace you, I no longer do because I know it’ll never work. I seek to forget you… Completely.
With 2013 coming to an end, I say goodbye to all these painful memories along with and hello to many more happy memories with those who stayed in my life.


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