The little things

Today, I went to school all groggy. I have been feeling super cranky these past few days and feeling like all I crave for is my me-time. To make things worse, pre-production is hitting full-swing soon and I feel like I’m being pulled all over the place. It may not be true and it may just be my perception of things since I’ve already been feeling super cranky. Whatever it is, bottom line is, I’ve been in a bad mood lately. I have not been having enough quality time with Marion as well and it’s starting to upset me – he with army, and I with school. Our schedules aren’t in our favour.

But tonight, I am truly appreciative of the little things. Despite the foul mood I was in, the lack of quality time with Marion and the lethargy I have been feeling from the premenstrual syndrome, Marion coming to meet me all the way in Lasalle to have dinner with me really cheered me up. Firstly, don’t ask me why I am super pleased that we settled for dinner at some random newfound place. I think it’s because we usually settle for dinners at places we’ve already been to or places that are convenient, but tonight we decided to go on some cheap thrill adventure to try the everyday food that we eat at another place we have not discovered before. I guess that also reflects our relationship and how sometimes we decide to remain comfortable. Not that it gets boring but sometimes these little adventures are the little spices in the relationship and it’s the little things that really keeps the flame burning. After dinner, we shared Mango Sago at a dessert place within the area and again, it’s these little adventures.

I came back home and I find my sister and my boyfriend playing with one another the way they usually do and my whole family was enjoying a good laugh just watching Marion carrying Chels. You may not find it entertaining or funny, but this ending to my day truly means a lot to me. It’s these little things and coming back home to loved ones like them that really makes all the stress in school bearable. 

Thank you, Father, for blessing me with my family and Marion.


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