Let go and move on

“You’re the bestest friend anyone could ever have.”

This is applied to how many change of bestfriends you’ve had in your life? And this is exactly the reason why I gave up having one or finding one. Of course when I watch these TV shows or see some bestfriends really sticking it through all the way, I wish I had that for myself too but reality is such and the only bestfriends I know of is my dog, Suzie. Even with that, I know she will pass away one day.

I won’t deny that that line did sting my heart because I wonder – what was I to you then? I’m surprised that the dissolve in our friendship definitely outshone all the times I was actually there for you when no one else was or when the person who you claim is your bestfriend now bitched about you.

Things can change, I get that, and they definitely have but the very fact that you totally disregarded every single time I was there for you is downright ungrateful on your part.

I have actually started moving on the day we stopped seeing things in the same direction but the getting over takes some time. There are days, like today, that it upsets me. But then I remember, I don’t have to care because there’s nothing to care about here.

I have removed you from my life completely – removed you from all forms of social media – but the only thing I wish I could remove essence of you completely is my heart. You’re like the film I made – white patches on black paper, cause no matter how hard I try to peel the white paper from the black, there will always be patches of white still.

Goodbye, friend, or rather, stranger.


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