My madness begins

So this is how I’ve been dealing with my stress –
I have been cutting out some of my tees to make it into tank tops.
I have been eating lots of chocolates (sigh)
I have been taking hot (not warm) showers late at night.
I have been going to places by myself just because I need to be alone.
I have been hiding under my blankets and pretending I’m dead then I realise I should stop and eventually get up to start my day.

I wish I could tell you I’m enjoying the process of the project I’m handling but I think I no longer am because my budget is suffocating me but yet I have to deal with it and make it work. And I feel pressured by maybe my own demands to make a great job of what I do. And I am not getting enough rest that I keep falling sick.

On top of everything, I feel super neglected by the ones whom I used to call my good friends.


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