Aside: No Sense

Directing Class was cancelled today and I decided to reorganise my room after taking Cough Mixture which causes drowsiness.


No but really, that wasn’t the point, I just said that for fun.. It just felt good to be coming back to an organised room again. To see my books in place, the way I want to see them. To see my camera stuff all in one cabinet. My clothes arranged by colours.

I’m sort of a freak when it comes to organising things.. I should start getting my life organised too.

But first, I need to organise my remaining assignments and get them done. Dreading it. 😦

Just so you know, after this post, I didn’t get my school assignments organised or whatever, I went/am going to either watch Season 4 of Breaking Bad, read The Fault in Our Stars or Sleep.

Since I’m drowsy… k bye, zZz


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