My Eternity

You don’t usually do or say things like that to me, I’m the one who usually does things like that but you have those days where you randomly get into a certain type of mood and you send me things like that that could make me smile for centuries.
Sometimes you randomly upload a photo of us on insta and insert a nice song lyric in as the caption.
And in all that simplicity, even if it’s just a mere sentence, I still get the butterflies (even though it’s been close to 5 years now). You are my eternity as well, love, you’ll always be and somewhere deep inside my heart, I feel as if you really are the one my soul is meant to journey with for a lifetime. It is definitely too soon to say, and I might sound crazy even, but I can’t shake off that gut feeling that somewhere, somehow, this is true. And if that truly is the case, then I am truly blessed to have found you and to have been found by you at the early age of 17.
Thank you, for all that you have been, all that you are and all that you will be. I love you, present tense.


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