Eat Clean, Train Dirty.

So I’ve always been very on and off about this lifestyle. I always start out strong and motivated then as soon as school resumes, I get really tired from the late nights of working my ass off and writing essays, that I tell myself I really do have a legit excuse not to exercise.

And I have noticed a pattern – whenever I do my workouts consistently in a week, I tend to eat clean because I worked hard to burn all that calories, to tone the muscles and I’m not about to put all that greasy junk back in (except maybe when I really crave them or when it’s my birthday). Since I am having this wonderful 3 months break before my third and final year in Lasalle resumes, I have carefully planned on what I should do to make full use of this wonderful break. Yes, I am going to get fit.

I must admit, I have always admired people with that kind of determination and always wished I could have more discipline. It’s honestly difficult to eat clean, train dirty when you’re in a relationship unless your partner is a cardio bunny. Well let’s just say my partner is athletic and fit, but he eats junk and enjoys his food. He’s lucky though – he doesn’t gain weight that easily. I, on the other hand, have to watch what I eat. I have curvy woman problems – particularly from waist down. I was born with big hips and I will admit, I do like my own butt because it’s toned. Unfortunately, I am not busty so I do have to work really hard to tone my body to get it into the shape I want. No, I am not doing this for anyone, I am doing this for myself, not out of pure vanity though.

So, today marks the second day of this lifestyle I am trying to adopt and hopefully sustain when school resumes. Yesterday, I worked on toning my legs as I am losing the muscle already (I can feel it) and it makes me sad because I have always prided in the fact I have nice legs and butt. I will shamelessly tell you that and not hide what I think because I see no reason in pretending. But of course, the rest of the world are entitled to their own opinions, it’s mine that matters after all. I ran 3km yesterday as well. I am taking this really slow and steady to get the form of these work out routines right first then I will start focusing on the reps. I started drinking my Herbalife Formula 1 shakes as well too for my Breakfast and Lunch and I must say, my body feels better already. I can literally feel all the toxins being flushed out of my body. I feel more awake, more energised, fitter and stronger. Today, I will be doing butt toning exercises followed by 3o mins of cardio.

To note, Saturdays are my days with Marion and we normally spend time watching Breaking Bad together or a film. But since we’re done with Breaking Bad (good series by the way), we’re probably gonna start watching films again. Also, during those times, we normally snack and eat so much junk – I am talking about Cheetos and Ben and Jerry’s here. But after my birthday week, I am putting an end to this. He told me he will gladly work out with me now on Saturdays and then we can watch films together after. If we feel like snacking – guess what? I have already started compiling healthier snack recipes to munch on. I have also started drinking 3 litres of water a day because God knows I am lazy to drink water. So here’s to my (hopefully) new lifestyle change.

I know some people do actually read my blog when they stumble upon it and judge my life whenever possible. I guess this is normal behaviour for people who have nothing better to do than discuss my life or maybe it’s the curiousity – whichever. I can’t tell you I am not affected when they do and act all tough and shit because I do get emotionally upset or angry when I find out about such. But I am learning to be nonchalant about these things and to focus on the goals in my life. I have been told that the people who try to bring you down and the people who help you up are both to be thanked for the successes in our lives so I guess if anyone here is going to judge me for wanting to adopt this lifestyle and tell me I can’t do it, I will be thanking you guys soon, because I will get there, then you may proceed to feel sorry for yourself and magnifying everything that is wrong about me to make yourselves feel good. Feast your thoughts and energy on that – tell me how that works out for you. And for those who are encouraging me in taking up this challenge to adopt this new lifestyle change, thanks for all the encouragement and the motivation to keep going.