He has quite the humour

I blogged about the cafe Marion and I went to yesterday but yesterday’s events were not fully told in detail. We had much more fun than just sitting around in a cafe eating good food. We watched The Fault in Our Stars too in the late noon and then had some Starbucks together because it’s been awhile. Yesterday was a pretty sinful day for us actually. We consumed a lot of good stuff. Before I talk about the movie, let’s rewind.

As we had so much time to kill before the movie, we decided to go over to his place where he showed me his comic book collections from long ago, when he was just a kid. It was pretty fascinating. Prior to this, I never really understood the whole idea of comics, or rather I never actually had one in particular that I wanted to know more about. Marion loves Batman, he is such a huge fan that most of his presents consists of Batman comics I bought for him. I have always loved X-Men since I watched the X-Men Animated Series when I was a kid, but I never got into the habit of reading the X-Men comics. Actually, I never had the idea of starting them in the first place. Recently, after watching X-Men Days of the Future Past, I got really excited all over again and decided to rewatch the X-Men Animated Series – all three of them – the first, X-Men Evolution and Wolverine and the X-Men. But I found that it wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to know more about the lives of the X-Men. I wanted to know how Rouge and Gambit’s love went on, and what happened to Jean Grey after she died for the last time and her relationship with Scott Summers. So I decided to pick up on the habit of reading the X-Men comics, much to Marion’s delight. Hence, he decided to show me his old collection of comics. But it was so badly kept that some of its pages were tearing and guess what I decided to do? Yeap, the habit of keeping things in order kicked in, I decided I will tape it back for him and arrange them by category. We spent the whole afternoon doing that and I was so entertained. Before we knew it, it was time to walk over to the theatres to catch our movie. I knew what I was in for, I knew I was going to start crying like a baby because I read the book before that.

And let me just tell you this, it’s so rare to hear of this but the movie was a very good adaptation of the book. First of all, kuddos to the acting. The acting was so natural on Shailene Woodley’s and Ansel Ergot’s roles as Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters. When I read the book, I had imagined the characters would look that way and they really did a good job there. God, I love Shailene Woodley. If you think I jumped onto the Shailene Woodley fangirl ship recently from the movie, Divergent, and this most recent movie, you are mistaken! I first knew of Shailene Woodley when I watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Although the series sucked, I was drawn to her for some reason. I found her very pretty and something about her acting that I really liked. She really blossomed in this one. The chemistry between both characters were undeniably felt in the audience. To compliment this adaptation further, they chose the right scenes to put on screen. What I learnt from film school was that adaptations are very tricky. When you really enjoy the written word, it’s rare that the movie would do it justice as films are tailored in other ways. Alot of film relies on what we can see, and when it comes down to first person narrative and the feelings they show in books, it’s very hard to capture that emotion so strongly expressed in the writing because how do you show something like that? And there’s always the case of authenticity and faithfulness to the book that so many people love to argue about. But like I said, films are tailored in other ways. As much as films try to stick to the authenticity of the book, it is also highly impossible to show every single thing that is written in the book as that can lead the movie to be very slow-moving which makes the audience want to get to the point already. Hence, I re-emphasise that adaptations are always tricky. I wrote my academic essay on adaptations from literary word to screen so believe me, I have done a lot of research when I state my points and arguments.

With that being said, I am simply blown away with how The Fault in Our Stars pulled it off. Though not every single thing that was written in the book was shown in the film, the right moments were sifted out to be shown on screen. It was very faithful to the story despite the loss on a few details but it was necessary because it worked. It tightened the whole story, really placed the audience right in the middle of the story to feel the emotions that the actors portrayed. The funny moments were funny, the sweet moments gave the warm, fuzzy feeling, and the heartbreaking moments pulled on heartstrings. It was perfect.

So after much crying like a baby, we headed to Starbucks to give the two new flavours a try – Strawberry Cheescake and Tiramisu. Let me just say this, I have not had Starbucks in awhile because, well, fitness reasons of course. But after such a crappy week, my sweetheart of a boyfriend treated me to the wonderful brunch and the movie in an attempt to cheer me up and take my mind of things. So in exchange, I treated him to Starbucks. Though now I am feeling really guilty for what I just put into my body, after working hard to keep fit but well, I am torn into deciding how I really feel about it. Because in truth, I did enjoy it very much with the best, and it was really good food. 😛 While drinking our frappes, we discussed the movie because we like discussing the movies we’ve watched together. And I told him that I actually quite like John Green’s writing. I have only read one book, but I keep seeing this one quote from Looking for Alaska that I find so beautiful. It goes “if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane.” And guess what this boy says after that? He tells me “Overtime these brilliant writers will write all these brilliant stuff and then all the future writers will have less stuff to write about. Like I can’t write “If I were a corn, she was popcorn.” I can’t say that! That’ll be plagiarism!” I was already giggling when he said that, then he proceeds to tell me, “I can actually still have intellectual conversation.” I burst out laughing here because it was just too funny. Then he says, still clueless, “really! You know since army, it really went down.” (talking about his ability to hold intellectual conversations). Then he says “I love you, now I’m just being cheesy.” Prior to this, he told me he liked how Augustus Waters proclaimed his love for Hazel Grace and when you have watched this movie to form the link, you’ll know why I laughed.

I couldn’t get over this whole conversation. I can’t actually. It’s too funny for me. Then on the way back to my place when he was sending me home, he was holding on to the pole bars and was using it to swing back to his seat, then he tells me “Everytime I swing on these pole bars, I feel like I’m a stripper.” Oh dear Lord, this boy is probably the funniest person I’ve ever dated. He’s so adorably funny, I can’t take it! Makes me wanna squeeze his face and kiss it! He never fails to amuse me with his thoughts. He seriously has the most unique and strangest thoughts and I can’t get enough of him. He is definitely a keeper. God, I love this boy! Makes me look forward to the day he and I get married (hopefully), because my daily conversations will never be boring and it will never fail to put a smile on my face. Life is already so hard as it is, having a partner who takes great care of you, grow spiritually with you, adores you, loves you, and makes you laugh just makes life’s obstacles that much bearable. Not that I could never survive on my own, because I can since I enjoy solitude so much, but having him is a completed solitude, not company – like how a beautiful quote nicely puts it.

I will never stop thanking God for blessing me with Marion in my life. We’ve grown so much together, gone through so much and we’re looking forward to going through everything and anything together for the rest of our lives. ❤


Sunday Market

Once in awhile, I like to enjoy my food. I do try to make healthier choices and not that healthy food doesn’t taste good, but the less healthier ones tastes good too and I like to enjoy those once in awhile. So having had a crappier week compared to my many splendid, glorious weeks, the boyfriend decides to cheer me up with some good cafe food, a movie and some tender loving care (TLC). He is the best isn’t he?


We went on Burpple and we saw the list of new cafes for June 2014 and this one in particular, caught our attention. Introducing Sunday Market! Located at 22 Lim Tua Tow Road. This place was relatively easy to find, if you follow directions very carefully. Upon stepping foot in the cafe, we realised it was relatively quiet and had such a cosy ambience. We’re guessing it’s because it’s not as well known as the other cafes yet, but probably would hold more crowd once word gets around. Whatever it is, we fell in love with it immediately for the fact that it was playing Coldplay’s latest album, Ghost Stories, and being such huge Coldplay fans, that was the extra bonus. To top it off, the service staff were very friendly and very chill. I could tell they really enjoyed their jobs which makes it all the better because there were positive vibes everywhere.


Marion ordered a Roasted Duck with Garlic Hoisin Crispy Eggs | Pancakes.

Savoury pancakes with roasted duck, mixed cress & drizzle of garlic hoisin. Taken from Sunday Market’s website

The verdict –

If you like a mix of sweet and savory in your meal, then the roast duck with garlic hoisin crispy egg pancake is definitely a must-have at Sunday Market. The unique infusion of the duck into the pancake mix is truly a brilliant way to bring out the best of both worlds; the tenderness of the pancakes make an excellent pair. The cress gives it a garlicky kick while the greens on it help to counterbalance the taste. Overall, great for any time of the day.


Marion Frayna.

I had a Smoked Salmon & Cheese | Toasts (Because I can’t get enough of Salmon)

Scramble eggs with smoked salmon & cream cheese served on a buttered toast with grilled tomatoes & tomato marmalade.

The verdict –

I felt that the scrambled eggs were too rich in cheese for me. I would have preferred if it wasn’t too cheesy so I could have tasted the smoked salmon more. The toast was a little too thick in my opinion but after eating it halfway through, I realised that one thick toast was alright as it became very filling towards the end. The greens and grilled tomatoes served on the side were just right to counterbalance the overall cheesy texture of this dish and worked perfectly well. Although I personally preferred for this dish to have lesser cheese, I still thought it was generally alright. Though, if you do not like toast all that much, there’s also a waffle version of this which I did not try. The price for this dish was only $12.90, pretty reasonable and good value for a dish that had SMOKED SALMON in it as Smoked Salmon is a pretty expensive ingredient.

We ordered a side dish as well – Skinny Wings & Truffle Fries.

Wing sticks marinated in house spices, deep fried till crispy and shoestring fries tossed in truffle oil.

The verdict-

We got to say this, the serving size for this dish was just right. The many places we’ve been to that served truffle fries had a relatively larger serving for a side dish which made it difficult for us to enjoy the main course. But there’s a reason why a side dish is a side dish, and the portion of side dishes shouldn’t be too big to the point that it makes it hard to enjoy the main highlight of the eating place. This place had their side dish serving portion just right, in our opinion that is. It wasn’t too big nor was it too little. It was just nice for a company of two and maybe three, to share. Although the truffle fries were not the best truffle fries we’ve had, it wasn’t bad either. It left a pretty nice truffle after-taste. The reason why I said the portion was just right was also because we had just finished walloping our main dishes and were just about bloated. The condiments served with this side dish, especially the sweet chilli that was meant for the chicken wings, were really good. It’s not too sweet, nor was it too spicy. It had the best of both and a perfect measure of getting the right blend. Though the wings were really small, as mentioned in the menu that it is wing sticks, it was somehow enough for the both of us. The price of this is $6.90. If we were thinking in terms of portion size, it may have been slightly overpriced as it was just a few pieces of skinny wing sticks and truffle fries but to look at it quite objectively, I would say that it was reasonable as the ingredient, truffle oil, is relatively expensive. Though I’m not too sure of the quality of the truffle oil and how much more truffle than oil did it contain.

And now, for desserts.


We had Ice-cream with waffles with the choice of caramel as the sauce and Thai Milk Tea for the Ice-cream flavour.

The verdict –

Sounds good? Guess what? The waffles costs 7 bucks. Yes, only, compared to other places. Of course, put it next to Salted Caramel, the price pales in comparison as Salted Caramel has good value for money waffles. Way too good actually. Well, what I love about this place is that they have Thai Milk Tea, as a drink, and as an ice-cream flavour. Thai Milk Tea has a different taste compared to the normal milk tea. It is sweeter and milkier and I really like that a lot. So when I found out this place has Thai Milk Tea, I freaked. And what more? As Ice-cream, and I am not too huge of a fan of ice-cream to begin with! The waffles cannot compete with a place like Strangers’ Reunion for example, but it wasn’t half as bad. It wasn’t ordinary, it was fluffy in texture, but didn’t quite have the kick to what waffles in Stangers’ Reunion had. However, I quite liked this waffles a lot more. Marion loves waffles and wherever we go, he must try the waffles out in the menu. He is probably a better judge than I am in this criteria but being a person that enjoys her desserts, I would say my opinions count. 😛 I guess I am swayed to make that decision because of the Thai Milk Tea Ice-Cream and the fact that they offered butter and maple syrup in addition to the sweetness, without having to ask. I could do without the additional maple syrup and butter to be honest because it was already sweet enough, but Marion spams it like crazy. He likes it that way. I like the fact that they had a huge variety of ice-cream flavours to pair with the waffles and that it was relatively cheaper compared to other places. I wouldn’t mind having those waffles again because I like the fluffy texture. Though I will admit, it doesn’t have the instantaneous melt-in-your-mouth effect that Strangers’ Reunion had.

Overall, I would say this place is fantastic. I feel it’s one of those places that does not have the best dish like, best truffle fries, or best waffles, etc, but the general food menu is good, though not a lot, and the cosy ambience of the place and small crowd makes it so awesome. It’s like the Jack of all trades, Master of none. We kinda fell in love with this place and is our potential “would be place” for special events and occasions in future. Give this place a try before it gets crowded because I have a feeling it would be soon.

I’m not a chef, not yet a cook.

Most of my loved ones, those close to me would know that I do not cook. I bake, but it’s rare to see me cook. I’m quite a loser when it comes to it actually, I (shamefully admitting) that I have to go on YouTube sometimes to see how certain vegetables are sliced and washed, or how they should be cooked. Though I took Food and Nutrition in Secondary School, cooking was never really my forte. I was always a better baker. For the longest time now, I told myself I have to try cooking something. I am 22 and I cannot deny that I am growing older and I can’t always depend on my family to do things for me. So as you guys know, Pinterest is extremely addictive. I have been putting it to good use, finding healthy, clean eating and simple recipes to try out. Hence, I would like to share them.

The first – Baked Salmon. Click on the link to get the recipe.


I love this recipe a lot because it’s really that easy, and it’s to my advantage because it involves baking (Yay!). I realised that I love my salmon baked instead of panfried. I admit, when it is panfried, the salmon skin comes out really crispy and good but when it is baked, it is more tender. It’s soft and light. The little bit of lemon really does the trick as it seeps into the salmon flesh and gives it that extra taste. For salmon lovers and losers in the kitchen, like myself, this recipe is definitely worth trying it out. It’s simple and delicious, not to mention – healthy.

The second was a Fathers’ Day breakfast special – Apple Cinnamon Pancakes. Likewise, click on the link for the recipe.


To be very honest, I had some trouble with this recipe. I have made pancakes before, but the batter has always been the pre-made ones in the box. This time, I decided I would like to make them from scratch and while doing so, add in a little something special yet healthy for my dad. My dad loves the pancakes at Cedele, to be precise, either the Caramelised Banana Pancakes or the Apple Cinnamon Pancakes. Cedele makes really good pancakes, I love that place. I can’t emphasise enough how much I really love dining there – it’s organic, free flow of bread (with olive oil), good food, good tea. I mean what’s not to love?

So while making these pancakes, I followed the recipe exactly. Here’s another flaw of mine, I am not an improvisor by nature, that’s my sister. I’m more of a planner and someone who likes to stick to plans. I’m a perfectionist that way where everything has to be detailed and precise. So this flaw of mine really worked against me for this one because I added 1 cup of Apple Cider as suggested and it turned out so sour. I had this gut feeling I shouldn’t have followed but you know, that flaw of mine just told me otherwise. End result – regret. I threw the whole batter away, yeah I felt bad for wasting ingredients but no way in hell was I gonna serve my dad sour tasting pancakes. So I tried modifying it. Took away the Apple Cider, and added water instead to make it runny and smooth.

The same happened for the Apple Cinnamon. Thank God Tita woke up in time and warned me not to follow the recipe exactly and to keep testing the taste to know when enough is really enough. I did what she told me and I thank God I did not put in that much Apple Cider for the Apple Cinnamon. Now I am seriously wondering if the person meant another type of Apple Cider, but Apple Cider in cooking refers to Apple Cider Vinegar right?? Oh God, I am a loser. Haha

Okay, so through slight modifications I made to the original recipe, the pancakes turned out alright! They were healthy too! Of course it can’t compete with Cedele’s or the original post/recipe, but good enough for me is enough right now. *chuckles

The third dish I’ve prepared in the past couple of days is Baked Eggs Brunch.


They say those in relationships tend to have busier weekends. Truth (somewhat). My weekends are for my family and for Marion, normally Saturdays would be for Marion and Sundays for my family. But this week, Sunday was my time with Marion despite it being Fathers’ Day, because my family flew off on Sunday so I used the Saturday to spend time with them instead. As you’ve read from my previous blog post, Marion and I have a very bad habit of spending so much money on food, and they aren’t the most healthiest of choices. So I proposed that we make brunch together instead on Sunday and that we make a healthy one. Indeed this Baked Eggs Brunch was very healthy. We made an extra serving for my sister too.

Thank God Marion was helping me with this. I am a total loser when it comes to cutting veggies and fruits, yeah I know, I am that bad. :/ But I am learning slowly! It’s alright, I shall pat myself on the back because mistakes are only proof that I tried and will get there one day. This recipe called for Leeks, Onions and Sundried Tomatoes. Ours turned out pretty decent though if we could have improved it in anyway, we would have bought proper leeks and added more of that goodness, as well as Onions. I bought Chinese Leeks and it turned out too little so we thought we would just cut one onion to even it out with the leek but little did we know that when fry it, it would be too little in proportion with the Baby Spinach and Sundried Tomatoes. So in future, we would cut more of those. The Sundried Tomatoes were also very overwhelming in taste, so next time, we will add less of that and chop them up in to way smaller pieces. But overall, I would say it was a relatively good attempt, and it was also fun cooking alongside my partner.

The last dish I tried this week is Tuna Stuffed Avocados.


Alright, as you guys know, I have been trying to eat healthier and cleaner meals to keep up with this healthy lifestyle I am adopting. Substituting my meals with Herbalife Shakes makes it easy for me but as I recently caught the flu bug from the humidity of Singapore’s weather, I caught the whole package – flu, sorethroat and cough. It makes it difficult for me to have me shakes as I usually do because the Formula 1 powder can’t be mixed with hot liquids and I can’t drink cold liquids. Of course, the other solution is to drink it with water but I refuse to torture myself that way because I will admit, the powder with water alone is not tasty at all.

So I decided to try making something with the avocados we just bought, since I can’t use them in my shake as originally intended, and I don’t want them going bad. This recipe is really easy too though I think this time, I did it with a lot of guesses and estimation.

So it’s one whole avocado sliced in half. Take out the avocado flesh from the shell and keep the shells aside. Dice the Avocado Flesh. Dice a whole tomato and a whole hard boiled egg. Mix them all together with 1/2 a can of Tuna (in olive oil would be best), and a squeeze of lime. Add in cilantro, chopped. Taste it along the way to see how much is needed. I added a little bit of chilli powder to give it some kick and a pinch of salt. It’s that easy.

So you see, I’m not really cooking but I am making something. It’s fairly easy and nutritious too. I’ll get to cooking more complicated stuff in the future when my skills improve slowly. If I have to rate myself, I’m definitely on a low level of Beginners. But I’m pretty pleased with myself because this is that start and I would have never imagined myself preparing meals for others, much less myself. 🙂

Day 1, PHASE 1.

So today, I tried out Skinnymom’s Calorie Torching Roundbased workout. The one I chose to do today is 5 rounds of 10 Pushups, 20 Squats, 30 Burpees, 40 Lunges (2o each leg) and 50 Mountainclimbers (50 each side, 100 in total). It says here that this workout will only take 2o mins but for those of you who aren’t as fit yet, like myself, well you’re probably gonna take an hour and a half (or more) to complete all 5 rounds. I could only manage 4 rounds in an hour and a half, with long pauses in between sets. Hopefully I’ll build enough endurance one day to complete all 5 rounds in that time I took to do 4 rounds, and the ultimate goal is to complete 5 rounds in 20 minutes with proper Pushups, Burpees with Pushups + jumps in the air.


Previously, when I planned for my workouts, I was obsessed with getting toner by the time my Summer break ends – which is August. I started assigning each day of the week to work on the different areas of my body. For example – Monday would be arms day, Tuesday – Legs day etc. However, after reading Georgina Poh’s (if you haven’t heard of her, she’s quite a popular fitness person in Singapore) post on insta, she said rest days are also very important for the body as we must be careful not to overwork the body, the maximum amount of days to workout should be 4 times a week. Hence, I’ve realised that the way I planned my workouts before were wrong. Furthermore, if I keep doing abs workouts, I will only grow those abs under the layer of fats on my stomach. My core has to be strengthened first and as most already know, growing abs start in the kitchen. The food we eat plays a huge part in reaching those goals. It is not alright to work hard just to put those calories back in your body. The goals we have has to be realistic as well and from there, we can start to plan how to reach them. For instance, thigh gaps. Not every women can have that thigh gap they so obsessively desire. If they feel that they are flabby on the thighs, do not work to get a thigh gap, instead work to getting them toned. Legs are not meant to look like twigs, they need muscle.

With all the information I have gathered from various fitness inspirations – Brooke from Skinnymom and Georgina Poh, to be exact, I have decided to plan my workouts and goals more realistically. As I cannot afford a personal trainer cause they’re pretty expensive, I have planned my workouts to target various goals. While planning them, I am aware that getting toned will take a lot of hard work, discipline and time. On top of it all, it takes commitment to your body. Hence, the workouts I have planned for myself span across a long period of time. I believe the level of fitness I am on would be would be a high level of Beginner, not enough to call it Intermediate.  But to tone up, I would need to get my fitness level higher, as such, I got to improve my strength and endurance.

The reason why this is titled PHASE 1 is because it means – Endurance training in my workout plan. The duration for this workout will be 4 weeks, and it comprises of the various calorie torching workouts in Skinnymom’s website (refer to link above) so that my workouts do not become boring and dreadful, cause you know, I tend to dread repetitive workouts. I have set them for thrice a week, alternate days. On Saturdays, I plan to go on trail runs, but that will be after I get my trail running shoes. For now, I shall just go for road runs or park runs. For the runs – I am going to slowly work my way to running a 10km, starting with 3km to 5km to 7km and eventually 10km. If I get bored along the way, I shall do interval runs – sprints and jogs. Once the 4 weeks is up, I will move on to higher intensity endurance training, PHASE 2. The duration I have set for that workout is 8 weeks. This is to ensure my form, stamina, endurance and strength will be able to take the workouts I have planned to begin toning the body.

As I would like to tone all areas of my body, I have decided to work on them individually first instead of multitasking it. I think my core needs the extra attention and focus and I have marked that as PHASE 3 which will be a total of 20 weeks (5 months). The core is an important muscle because it ensures proper structure and since my core is not as strong as I would like to be, I have set 3 times a week for 1 month to strengthen the muscle, not yet to tone, because I have to get rid of the fats first. Once my core is strengthened, I will begin doing core workouts that will build from low intensity to higher intensity over that period of time. I have not planned for the other phases of my workout yet as I would like to see how this turns out first. But the basic sketch of it is that the following phases would be to work the rest of the body parts separately.

Okay I am no fitness expert, and I do not really know if the workout I have planned will prove effective yet but I would rather try, experiment, tweak than to not do anything at all. People who complain about their bodies but don’t do anything to help themselves are the worst so I will not fall prey to that because I know what it’s like to whine and complain but yet, filling my body with more junk. Trust me, it makes you feel worse, especially when you see people around you working towards similar goals. The goals I have set for myself, though similar to most, are custom for only me. The only person I have to prove myself to, is myself. I know I will have a pool of encouragers and also doubters along the way but at the end of the day, this is my race to run, my goal to achieve. I will only have myself to be responsible to. As such, the workouts I have planned for myself are custom for only me although inspired by mostly Skinnymom’s website. Everyone’s body type is different, as such some may need a longer or shorter amount of time as I do and their workouts would then be different from mine. This is just to share how I have planned to carry this out. My worry right now is when my summerbreak ends because school really does take up alot of my time during seasons and to dedicate even an hour to working out can be slightly difficult. Hence, the discipline has to start now before the break ends so that this will eventually become a habit.

I do not believe in starvation or unrealistic calorie counting as diets. A food may contain low calories but may not provide the proper nutrients for your body. Starvation just makes you store more fat to be consumed later as your body will start noticing that it’s getting a lack of nourishment. Furthermore, it decreases metabolism as your body will begin to conserve energy once in starvation mode. As a result, lethargy happens. After you begin to eat again, your metabolism rate will start burning calories at a much slower rate. The first few months of this journey is of extreme importance to maintain discipline, especially in the kitchen. As for me, I thank God for my Herbalife shakes. I substitute two of my meals every day with a shake, sometimes all three meals. The shake is low in calories (if you must know), very filling, provides all the nutrients your body needs, and delicious (if you are creative enough). I blend mine with a variety of fruits each time. But I am not here to sell the idea of Herbalife shakes to anyone, I am a huge supporter and I love the products. The two meals I substitute my shakes with are breakfast and dinner. For lunch, I try to eat clean as much as possible. The idea of a diet is to ensure you eat healthy and eat smart. You need to start being aware of when you’re eating because you’re hungry and when you’re eating for fun or out of boredom. If you feel hungry even after lunch, have healthy snacks like nuts or research healthy snack recipes to make on your own.

Eating clean, or eating healthy does not mean you can’t enjoy your food. There are many recipes on the net that are clean, healthy, nutritious and delicious. Try them out, you’ll be amazed. Usually before and after my workouts, I drink my Herbalife shake as it is lighter compared to food and provides me with adequate energy to start working out. I drink them after for recovery and storage as well. For those who do not have Protein shakes, you can also have healthy snacks before working out, but keep it light for obvious reasons. Eating food that are high in protein after a workout is good for the same reason of recovery and storage.

So today after my workout, I was too lazy to make my shake. I had this instead – Strawberry Yogurt, with a little bit of milk and 2 scoops of Herbalife Formula 1 Vanilla Powder, blended and frozen overnight. Incase shakes get boring, there are more ways to introduce the Formula 1 powder into food. For me, I decided to make it into an ice-cream


Hydrating yourself is also very important. I have recently started drinking 3 litres of water a day. At the very least, 2 litres when I am out and have no access to a water source to refill my bottle. Water aids in the diet and it has an awesome effect to your skin. You can tell the difference in a month if you keep this up.

Well, I’m just sharing a little bit of my journey to get fit and the steps I have taken. For those who read my blog or stumble upon it, I hope this inspires you.


Yesterday, I woke up early on a weekend to go for a hike at MacRitchie Reservoir with Marion. You see, we’ve been spending a lot of money on food and as a result, we’re getting broke, and not as fit as we would like (more of me). I want to maintain a healthy lifestyle without putting a lot of junk in my body and since I’ve been working hard to keep at it for my body, my Saturday plans with him should have less food involved. So we’re trying this new thing out now and hopefully it becomes a habit.



Anyway, I wanted to blog about the hike because it was a very good day for the both of us. It was really good to be so deep in the forest, away from technology, from busy roads and busy crowds, distractions, noise. It allowed us to have so many conversations along the way, conversations that were meaningful and altogether funny. Even though we talk everyday, yesterday was different. It was without distractions. Our focus was just on each other. Though we had our phones with us, we only took them out when we wanted to snap a picture. Other than that, it was placed back in the bag. I enjoy nature a lot, but I admit, I do get really paranoid when it comes to snakes, any snake – even if it’s a small garden snake. I thought it was a worm for some reason, but nope what we came across was a snake, and it makes me shy to say this because I’m such a girl, but Marion pulled me away from almost every thing that I saw as a threat. Hahahaha okay permission to make fun of me, granted. I knew our shoes would get really dirty but I didn’t want it to get so dirty to the point that I can’t use them for my static workouts at home, so whenever we came across a deep layer of mud, Marion would pull me away as well, cause you know, I’m such a girl. I guess his time in army made him more aware of his surroundings. Still, I think he enjoyed “saving” me.



Well, after about 7km of hiking, we headed to Casuarina’s Curry for lunch but we took the wrong bus there and came across a playground while trying to find our way back. I couldn’t help it, I got really excited and Marion tagged along. We played like kids and laughed so hard knowing people were judging us. Hahaha we even documented the whole thing.




After entertaining ourselves, we headed to Casuarina’s for real for lunch then back to our own homes for a shower before we met again for evening mass. He came over too for dinner and we planned to watch another episode of Fargo but we were already too exhausted to concentrate on the show. Yes, films and some TV series need a whole lot of concentration as they’re deep and not light. Anyway, we ended up having conversations in my room instead, mostly about things that are on our minds. I like the fact that we behave and talk like bestfriends but because we’re partners, we are also entitled to be affectionate with one another. So when conversations get sad because one of us is affected, the lover part of us automatically knows how to comfort. What I like to do for Marion when he gets sad is to massage his head because he falls asleep too easily and a little massage helps him to relax and releases all the tension he feels.


I guess the reason why yesterday was so extraordinary to me, even though it was so ordinary is because of the spontaneity of it all. Of discovering new things and rediscovering old things about each other, or learning about these things in depth. Of only focusing on each other with nothing else to think about. Of laughing and feeling good at the end of that day with the knowledge that we’ve been, or we are so blessed. That our company makes each other happy. That we will always have a forever friend in each other. That life is so much better and so much more comforting to have each other by our side, even though it can really suck sometimes. That no matter what decisions we make that could be huge or little successes or mistakes in life, this person will always stand by your side to help you up. And sometimes, they give you a reality check.

I have a sister who does a lot of these things for me too. But a siblings bond and a lovers bond is very different by nature yet there’s a familiar sense of love in each. To compare love between siblings and love between lovers is like comparing apple to orange. I’m glad I have both of them in my life. To top it off, they’re also glad to have each other in their lives because they become siblings too. So imagine my happiness when my sister comes in the room and decides to play with Marion because she wants someone to manja her. It’s a very heart-warming sight for me because these two people are the strongest bonds of life I have ever shared with anyone. My Saturday was a very lovely one and it went by too quickly.