Yesterday, I woke up early on a weekend to go for a hike at MacRitchie Reservoir with Marion. You see, we’ve been spending a lot of money on food and as a result, we’re getting broke, and not as fit as we would like (more of me). I want to maintain a healthy lifestyle without putting a lot of junk in my body and since I’ve been working hard to keep at it for my body, my Saturday plans with him should have less food involved. So we’re trying this new thing out now and hopefully it becomes a habit.



Anyway, I wanted to blog about the hike because it was a very good day for the both of us. It was really good to be so deep in the forest, away from technology, from busy roads and busy crowds, distractions, noise. It allowed us to have so many conversations along the way, conversations that were meaningful and altogether funny. Even though we talk everyday, yesterday was different. It was without distractions. Our focus was just on each other. Though we had our phones with us, we only took them out when we wanted to snap a picture. Other than that, it was placed back in the bag. I enjoy nature a lot, but I admit, I do get really paranoid when it comes to snakes, any snake – even if it’s a small garden snake. I thought it was a worm for some reason, but nope what we came across was a snake, and it makes me shy to say this because I’m such a girl, but Marion pulled me away from almost every thing that I saw as a threat. Hahahaha okay permission to make fun of me, granted. I knew our shoes would get really dirty but I didn’t want it to get so dirty to the point that I can’t use them for my static workouts at home, so whenever we came across a deep layer of mud, Marion would pull me away as well, cause you know, I’m such a girl. I guess his time in army made him more aware of his surroundings. Still, I think he enjoyed “saving” me.



Well, after about 7km of hiking, we headed to Casuarina’s Curry for lunch but we took the wrong bus there and came across a playground while trying to find our way back. I couldn’t help it, I got really excited and Marion tagged along. We played like kids and laughed so hard knowing people were judging us. Hahaha we even documented the whole thing.




After entertaining ourselves, we headed to Casuarina’s for real for lunch then back to our own homes for a shower before we met again for evening mass. He came over too for dinner and we planned to watch another episode of Fargo but we were already too exhausted to concentrate on the show. Yes, films and some TV series need a whole lot of concentration as they’re deep and not light. Anyway, we ended up having conversations in my room instead, mostly about things that are on our minds. I like the fact that we behave and talk like bestfriends but because we’re partners, we are also entitled to be affectionate with one another. So when conversations get sad because one of us is affected, the lover part of us automatically knows how to comfort. What I like to do for Marion when he gets sad is to massage his head because he falls asleep too easily and a little massage helps him to relax and releases all the tension he feels.


I guess the reason why yesterday was so extraordinary to me, even though it was so ordinary is because of the spontaneity of it all. Of discovering new things and rediscovering old things about each other, or learning about these things in depth. Of only focusing on each other with nothing else to think about. Of laughing and feeling good at the end of that day with the knowledge that we’ve been, or we are so blessed. That our company makes each other happy. That we will always have a forever friend in each other. That life is so much better and so much more comforting to have each other by our side, even though it can really suck sometimes. That no matter what decisions we make that could be huge or little successes or mistakes in life, this person will always stand by your side to help you up. And sometimes, they give you a reality check.

I have a sister who does a lot of these things for me too. But a siblings bond and a lovers bond is very different by nature yet there’s a familiar sense of love in each. To compare love between siblings and love between lovers is like comparing apple to orange. I’m glad I have both of them in my life. To top it off, they’re also glad to have each other in their lives because they become siblings too. So imagine my happiness when my sister comes in the room and decides to play with Marion because she wants someone to manja her. It’s a very heart-warming sight for me because these two people are the strongest bonds of life I have ever shared with anyone. My Saturday was a very lovely one and it went by too quickly.


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