I’m not a chef, not yet a cook.

Most of my loved ones, those close to me would know that I do not cook. I bake, but it’s rare to see me cook. I’m quite a loser when it comes to it actually, I (shamefully admitting) that I have to go on YouTube sometimes to see how certain vegetables are sliced and washed, or how they should be cooked. Though I took Food and Nutrition in Secondary School, cooking was never really my forte. I was always a better baker. For the longest time now, I told myself I have to try cooking something. I am 22 and I cannot deny that I am growing older and I can’t always depend on my family to do things for me. So as you guys know, Pinterest is extremely addictive. I have been putting it to good use, finding healthy, clean eating and simple recipes to try out. Hence, I would like to share them.

The first – Baked Salmon. Click on the link to get the recipe.


I love this recipe a lot because it’s really that easy, and it’s to my advantage because it involves baking (Yay!). I realised that I love my salmon baked instead of panfried. I admit, when it is panfried, the salmon skin comes out really crispy and good but when it is baked, it is more tender. It’s soft and light. The little bit of lemon really does the trick as it seeps into the salmon flesh and gives it that extra taste. For salmon lovers and losers in the kitchen, like myself, this recipe is definitely worth trying it out. It’s simple and delicious, not to mention – healthy.

The second was a Fathers’ Day breakfast special – Apple Cinnamon Pancakes. Likewise, click on the link for the recipe.


To be very honest, I had some trouble with this recipe. I have made pancakes before, but the batter has always been the pre-made ones in the box. This time, I decided I would like to make them from scratch and while doing so, add in a little something special yet healthy for my dad. My dad loves the pancakes at Cedele, to be precise, either the Caramelised Banana Pancakes or the Apple Cinnamon Pancakes. Cedele makes really good pancakes, I love that place. I can’t emphasise enough how much I really love dining there – it’s organic, free flow of bread (with olive oil), good food, good tea. I mean what’s not to love?

So while making these pancakes, I followed the recipe exactly. Here’s another flaw of mine, I am not an improvisor by nature, that’s my sister. I’m more of a planner and someone who likes to stick to plans. I’m a perfectionist that way where everything has to be detailed and precise. So this flaw of mine really worked against me for this one because I added 1 cup of Apple Cider as suggested and it turned out so sour. I had this gut feeling I shouldn’t have followed but you know, that flaw of mine just told me otherwise. End result – regret. I threw the whole batter away, yeah I felt bad for wasting ingredients but no way in hell was I gonna serve my dad sour tasting pancakes. So I tried modifying it. Took away the Apple Cider, and added water instead to make it runny and smooth.

The same happened for the Apple Cinnamon. Thank God Tita woke up in time and warned me not to follow the recipe exactly and to keep testing the taste to know when enough is really enough. I did what she told me and I thank God I did not put in that much Apple Cider for the Apple Cinnamon. Now I am seriously wondering if the person meant another type of Apple Cider, but Apple Cider in cooking refers to Apple Cider Vinegar right?? Oh God, I am a loser. Haha

Okay, so through slight modifications I made to the original recipe, the pancakes turned out alright! They were healthy too! Of course it can’t compete with Cedele’s or the original post/recipe, but good enough for me is enough right now. *chuckles

The third dish I’ve prepared in the past couple of days is Baked Eggs Brunch.


They say those in relationships tend to have busier weekends. Truth (somewhat). My weekends are for my family and for Marion, normally Saturdays would be for Marion and Sundays for my family. But this week, Sunday was my time with Marion despite it being Fathers’ Day, because my family flew off on Sunday so I used the Saturday to spend time with them instead. As you’ve read from my previous blog post, Marion and I have a very bad habit of spending so much money on food, and they aren’t the most healthiest of choices. So I proposed that we make brunch together instead on Sunday and that we make a healthy one. Indeed this Baked Eggs Brunch was very healthy. We made an extra serving for my sister too.

Thank God Marion was helping me with this. I am a total loser when it comes to cutting veggies and fruits, yeah I know, I am that bad. :/ But I am learning slowly! It’s alright, I shall pat myself on the back because mistakes are only proof that I tried and will get there one day. This recipe called for Leeks, Onions and Sundried Tomatoes. Ours turned out pretty decent though if we could have improved it in anyway, we would have bought proper leeks and added more of that goodness, as well as Onions. I bought Chinese Leeks and it turned out too little so we thought we would just cut one onion to even it out with the leek but little did we know that when fry it, it would be too little in proportion with the Baby Spinach and Sundried Tomatoes. So in future, we would cut more of those. The Sundried Tomatoes were also very overwhelming in taste, so next time, we will add less of that and chop them up in to way smaller pieces. But overall, I would say it was a relatively good attempt, and it was also fun cooking alongside my partner.

The last dish I tried this week is Tuna Stuffed Avocados.


Alright, as you guys know, I have been trying to eat healthier and cleaner meals to keep up with this healthy lifestyle I am adopting. Substituting my meals with Herbalife Shakes makes it easy for me but as I recently caught the flu bug from the humidity of Singapore’s weather, I caught the whole package – flu, sorethroat and cough. It makes it difficult for me to have me shakes as I usually do because the Formula 1 powder can’t be mixed with hot liquids and I can’t drink cold liquids. Of course, the other solution is to drink it with water but I refuse to torture myself that way because I will admit, the powder with water alone is not tasty at all.

So I decided to try making something with the avocados we just bought, since I can’t use them in my shake as originally intended, and I don’t want them going bad. This recipe is really easy too though I think this time, I did it with a lot of guesses and estimation.

So it’s one whole avocado sliced in half. Take out the avocado flesh from the shell and keep the shells aside. Dice the Avocado Flesh. Dice a whole tomato and a whole hard boiled egg. Mix them all together with 1/2 a can of Tuna (in olive oil would be best), and a squeeze of lime. Add in cilantro, chopped. Taste it along the way to see how much is needed. I added a little bit of chilli powder to give it some kick and a pinch of salt. It’s that easy.

So you see, I’m not really cooking but I am making something. It’s fairly easy and nutritious too. I’ll get to cooking more complicated stuff in the future when my skills improve slowly. If I have to rate myself, I’m definitely on a low level of Beginners. But I’m pretty pleased with myself because this is that start and I would have never imagined myself preparing meals for others, much less myself. 🙂


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