Sunday Market

Once in awhile, I like to enjoy my food. I do try to make healthier choices and not that healthy food doesn’t taste good, but the less healthier ones tastes good too and I like to enjoy those once in awhile. So having had a crappier week compared to my many splendid, glorious weeks, the boyfriend decides to cheer me up with some good cafe food, a movie and some tender loving care (TLC). He is the best isn’t he?


We went on Burpple and we saw the list of new cafes for June 2014 and this one in particular, caught our attention. Introducing Sunday Market! Located at 22 Lim Tua Tow Road. This place was relatively easy to find, if you follow directions very carefully. Upon stepping foot in the cafe, we realised it was relatively quiet and had such a cosy ambience. We’re guessing it’s because it’s not as well known as the other cafes yet, but probably would hold more crowd once word gets around. Whatever it is, we fell in love with it immediately for the fact that it was playing Coldplay’s latest album, Ghost Stories, and being such huge Coldplay fans, that was the extra bonus. To top it off, the service staff were very friendly and very chill. I could tell they really enjoyed their jobs which makes it all the better because there were positive vibes everywhere.


Marion ordered a Roasted Duck with Garlic Hoisin Crispy Eggs | Pancakes.

Savoury pancakes with roasted duck, mixed cress & drizzle of garlic hoisin. Taken from Sunday Market’s website

The verdict –

If you like a mix of sweet and savory in your meal, then the roast duck with garlic hoisin crispy egg pancake is definitely a must-have at Sunday Market. The unique infusion of the duck into the pancake mix is truly a brilliant way to bring out the best of both worlds; the tenderness of the pancakes make an excellent pair. The cress gives it a garlicky kick while the greens on it help to counterbalance the taste. Overall, great for any time of the day.


Marion Frayna.

I had a Smoked Salmon & Cheese | Toasts (Because I can’t get enough of Salmon)

Scramble eggs with smoked salmon & cream cheese served on a buttered toast with grilled tomatoes & tomato marmalade.

The verdict –

I felt that the scrambled eggs were too rich in cheese for me. I would have preferred if it wasn’t too cheesy so I could have tasted the smoked salmon more. The toast was a little too thick in my opinion but after eating it halfway through, I realised that one thick toast was alright as it became very filling towards the end. The greens and grilled tomatoes served on the side were just right to counterbalance the overall cheesy texture of this dish and worked perfectly well. Although I personally preferred for this dish to have lesser cheese, I still thought it was generally alright. Though, if you do not like toast all that much, there’s also a waffle version of this which I did not try. The price for this dish was only $12.90, pretty reasonable and good value for a dish that had SMOKED SALMON in it as Smoked Salmon is a pretty expensive ingredient.

We ordered a side dish as well – Skinny Wings & Truffle Fries.

Wing sticks marinated in house spices, deep fried till crispy and shoestring fries tossed in truffle oil.

The verdict-

We got to say this, the serving size for this dish was just right. The many places we’ve been to that served truffle fries had a relatively larger serving for a side dish which made it difficult for us to enjoy the main course. But there’s a reason why a side dish is a side dish, and the portion of side dishes shouldn’t be too big to the point that it makes it hard to enjoy the main highlight of the eating place. This place had their side dish serving portion just right, in our opinion that is. It wasn’t too big nor was it too little. It was just nice for a company of two and maybe three, to share. Although the truffle fries were not the best truffle fries we’ve had, it wasn’t bad either. It left a pretty nice truffle after-taste. The reason why I said the portion was just right was also because we had just finished walloping our main dishes and were just about bloated. The condiments served with this side dish, especially the sweet chilli that was meant for the chicken wings, were really good. It’s not too sweet, nor was it too spicy. It had the best of both and a perfect measure of getting the right blend. Though the wings were really small, as mentioned in the menu that it is wing sticks, it was somehow enough for the both of us. The price of this is $6.90. If we were thinking in terms of portion size, it may have been slightly overpriced as it was just a few pieces of skinny wing sticks and truffle fries but to look at it quite objectively, I would say that it was reasonable as the ingredient, truffle oil, is relatively expensive. Though I’m not too sure of the quality of the truffle oil and how much more truffle than oil did it contain.

And now, for desserts.


We had Ice-cream with waffles with the choice of caramel as the sauce and Thai Milk Tea for the Ice-cream flavour.

The verdict –

Sounds good? Guess what? The waffles costs 7 bucks. Yes, only, compared to other places. Of course, put it next to Salted Caramel, the price pales in comparison as Salted Caramel has good value for money waffles. Way too good actually. Well, what I love about this place is that they have Thai Milk Tea, as a drink, and as an ice-cream flavour. Thai Milk Tea has a different taste compared to the normal milk tea. It is sweeter and milkier and I really like that a lot. So when I found out this place has Thai Milk Tea, I freaked. And what more? As Ice-cream, and I am not too huge of a fan of ice-cream to begin with! The waffles cannot compete with a place like Strangers’ Reunion for example, but it wasn’t half as bad. It wasn’t ordinary, it was fluffy in texture, but didn’t quite have the kick to what waffles in Stangers’ Reunion had. However, I quite liked this waffles a lot more. Marion loves waffles and wherever we go, he must try the waffles out in the menu. He is probably a better judge than I am in this criteria but being a person that enjoys her desserts, I would say my opinions count. 😛 I guess I am swayed to make that decision because of the Thai Milk Tea Ice-Cream and the fact that they offered butter and maple syrup in addition to the sweetness, without having to ask. I could do without the additional maple syrup and butter to be honest because it was already sweet enough, but Marion spams it like crazy. He likes it that way. I like the fact that they had a huge variety of ice-cream flavours to pair with the waffles and that it was relatively cheaper compared to other places. I wouldn’t mind having those waffles again because I like the fluffy texture. Though I will admit, it doesn’t have the instantaneous melt-in-your-mouth effect that Strangers’ Reunion had.

Overall, I would say this place is fantastic. I feel it’s one of those places that does not have the best dish like, best truffle fries, or best waffles, etc, but the general food menu is good, though not a lot, and the cosy ambience of the place and small crowd makes it so awesome. It’s like the Jack of all trades, Master of none. We kinda fell in love with this place and is our potential “would be place” for special events and occasions in future. Give this place a try before it gets crowded because I have a feeling it would be soon.


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