He has quite the humour

I blogged about the cafe Marion and I went to yesterday but yesterday’s events were not fully told in detail. We had much more fun than just sitting around in a cafe eating good food. We watched The Fault in Our Stars too in the late noon and then had some Starbucks together because it’s been awhile. Yesterday was a pretty sinful day for us actually. We consumed a lot of good stuff. Before I talk about the movie, let’s rewind.

As we had so much time to kill before the movie, we decided to go over to his place where he showed me his comic book collections from long ago, when he was just a kid. It was pretty fascinating. Prior to this, I never really understood the whole idea of comics, or rather I never actually had one in particular that I wanted to know more about. Marion loves Batman, he is such a huge fan that most of his presents consists of Batman comics I bought for him. I have always loved X-Men since I watched the X-Men Animated Series when I was a kid, but I never got into the habit of reading the X-Men comics. Actually, I never had the idea of starting them in the first place. Recently, after watching X-Men Days of the Future Past, I got really excited all over again and decided to rewatch the X-Men Animated Series – all three of them – the first, X-Men Evolution and Wolverine and the X-Men. But I found that it wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to know more about the lives of the X-Men. I wanted to know how Rouge and Gambit’s love went on, and what happened to Jean Grey after she died for the last time and her relationship with Scott Summers. So I decided to pick up on the habit of reading the X-Men comics, much to Marion’s delight. Hence, he decided to show me his old collection of comics. But it was so badly kept that some of its pages were tearing and guess what I decided to do? Yeap, the habit of keeping things in order kicked in, I decided I will tape it back for him and arrange them by category. We spent the whole afternoon doing that and I was so entertained. Before we knew it, it was time to walk over to the theatres to catch our movie. I knew what I was in for, I knew I was going to start crying like a baby because I read the book before that.

And let me just tell you this, it’s so rare to hear of this but the movie was a very good adaptation of the book. First of all, kuddos to the acting. The acting was so natural on Shailene Woodley’s and Ansel Ergot’s roles as Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters. When I read the book, I had imagined the characters would look that way and they really did a good job there. God, I love Shailene Woodley. If you think I jumped onto the Shailene Woodley fangirl ship recently from the movie, Divergent, and this most recent movie, you are mistaken! I first knew of Shailene Woodley when I watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Although the series sucked, I was drawn to her for some reason. I found her very pretty and something about her acting that I really liked. She really blossomed in this one. The chemistry between both characters were undeniably felt in the audience. To compliment this adaptation further, they chose the right scenes to put on screen. What I learnt from film school was that adaptations are very tricky. When you really enjoy the written word, it’s rare that the movie would do it justice as films are tailored in other ways. Alot of film relies on what we can see, and when it comes down to first person narrative and the feelings they show in books, it’s very hard to capture that emotion so strongly expressed in the writing because how do you show something like that? And there’s always the case of authenticity and faithfulness to the book that so many people love to argue about. But like I said, films are tailored in other ways. As much as films try to stick to the authenticity of the book, it is also highly impossible to show every single thing that is written in the book as that can lead the movie to be very slow-moving which makes the audience want to get to the point already. Hence, I re-emphasise that adaptations are always tricky. I wrote my academic essay on adaptations from literary word to screen so believe me, I have done a lot of research when I state my points and arguments.

With that being said, I am simply blown away with how The Fault in Our Stars pulled it off. Though not every single thing that was written in the book was shown in the film, the right moments were sifted out to be shown on screen. It was very faithful to the story despite the loss on a few details but it was necessary because it worked. It tightened the whole story, really placed the audience right in the middle of the story to feel the emotions that the actors portrayed. The funny moments were funny, the sweet moments gave the warm, fuzzy feeling, and the heartbreaking moments pulled on heartstrings. It was perfect.

So after much crying like a baby, we headed to Starbucks to give the two new flavours a try – Strawberry Cheescake and Tiramisu. Let me just say this, I have not had Starbucks in awhile because, well, fitness reasons of course. But after such a crappy week, my sweetheart of a boyfriend treated me to the wonderful brunch and the movie in an attempt to cheer me up and take my mind of things. So in exchange, I treated him to Starbucks. Though now I am feeling really guilty for what I just put into my body, after working hard to keep fit but well, I am torn into deciding how I really feel about it. Because in truth, I did enjoy it very much with the best, and it was really good food. 😛 While drinking our frappes, we discussed the movie because we like discussing the movies we’ve watched together. And I told him that I actually quite like John Green’s writing. I have only read one book, but I keep seeing this one quote from Looking for Alaska that I find so beautiful. It goes “if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane.” And guess what this boy says after that? He tells me “Overtime these brilliant writers will write all these brilliant stuff and then all the future writers will have less stuff to write about. Like I can’t write “If I were a corn, she was popcorn.” I can’t say that! That’ll be plagiarism!” I was already giggling when he said that, then he proceeds to tell me, “I can actually still have intellectual conversation.” I burst out laughing here because it was just too funny. Then he says, still clueless, “really! You know since army, it really went down.” (talking about his ability to hold intellectual conversations). Then he says “I love you, now I’m just being cheesy.” Prior to this, he told me he liked how Augustus Waters proclaimed his love for Hazel Grace and when you have watched this movie to form the link, you’ll know why I laughed.

I couldn’t get over this whole conversation. I can’t actually. It’s too funny for me. Then on the way back to my place when he was sending me home, he was holding on to the pole bars and was using it to swing back to his seat, then he tells me “Everytime I swing on these pole bars, I feel like I’m a stripper.” Oh dear Lord, this boy is probably the funniest person I’ve ever dated. He’s so adorably funny, I can’t take it! Makes me wanna squeeze his face and kiss it! He never fails to amuse me with his thoughts. He seriously has the most unique and strangest thoughts and I can’t get enough of him. He is definitely a keeper. God, I love this boy! Makes me look forward to the day he and I get married (hopefully), because my daily conversations will never be boring and it will never fail to put a smile on my face. Life is already so hard as it is, having a partner who takes great care of you, grow spiritually with you, adores you, loves you, and makes you laugh just makes life’s obstacles that much bearable. Not that I could never survive on my own, because I can since I enjoy solitude so much, but having him is a completed solitude, not company – like how a beautiful quote nicely puts it.

I will never stop thanking God for blessing me with Marion in my life. We’ve grown so much together, gone through so much and we’re looking forward to going through everything and anything together for the rest of our lives. ❤


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