Don’t know if this is psychological or if my body’s immune system is really shutting down as a result of stress. Maybe it’s the haze. I have tons of documentary films to watch and essays to write and people to meet. Believe it or not, that’s my work. Man I’m tired!



I definitely love dogs a lot! This is Belle, Jordan’s Golden Retriever. I’m on shoot right not but this beauty is distracting me. I mean, I am done with art, aside from reset, so I’m just chilling here with Belle.

Whenever there’s a dog in the house, I’m always immediately drawn to the dogs and socialising with them rather than humans. I know it’s strange to other people but a dog’s company makes me happier than a human’s company. Maybe it’s the way in which they show love and affection. I just love them.



I wish the tide would take me over

“I’ll forgive and forget

Before I’m paralyzed

Do I have to keep up the pace

To keep you satisfied

Things have gotten closer to the sun

And I’ve done things in small doses

So don’t think that I’m pushing you away

When you’re the one that I’ve kept closest”

Driven to exhaustion and I am to my limit already.

I am frustrated, I really am.


My Lasalle brothers


As if the blessing of both their friendship weren’t enough, they had to both give me blessing bags. This week, though it’s been so tiring, has been filled with so many little blessings along the way. Setting up the set for tomorrow’s directing exercise with their help was a great way to relieve stress. We die together, rise together. My brothers, my friends ❤

"I was supposed to be a Kristy" – Lucas
"If I leave my phone here, just call me and tell me I did." – Myself

The things we say when our brains are no longer functioning effectively from stress. But good company always makes it all better. Thank you Father for blessing me so abundantly with people like them. Always so grateful for their friendship.

More blessings


Tiring Tuesday; my days in school have been getting longer though my lessons are short, but having that little bit of joy at the end of the day, even if it’s just for awhile, is enough to make me happy.

Dinner with Marion at my place, a simple meal of Fried Rice and Sunny Side Up, and impromptu decision to join Chels in watching episode of the series “House”. And Marion was our cuddle pillow. We’re close like that.

Blessing Bag

“Some people are worth melting for.” Thank you for the blessing bag. So blessed to have brothers who look out for me in school. It’s always nice to know that you have good friends who will always have your back. God is good, He reminds me that there is happiness, though little, especially in very, very dark days.