Snickers Cupcakes

Saw this on Pinterest and decided to give it a try since it’s the boyfriend’s birthday week – and only because he loves Snickers. Didn’t turn out quite to my liking though it was a good attempt.

I think the problem I face when it comes to baking is that I am too by the book, I follow recipes closely when instinct tells me otherwise and the results always proves that my gut instinct would have made it better. Guess it’s all part of the learning experience. In addition, I haven’t been baking in awhile due to school. I haven’t really had the time to bake, and cleaning up is always a burden. It really is tiring to pack, wash up, and clean up after baking for hours.

To critique my own work for these Snickers Cupcakes –

In terms of taste, I think it worked fine. The chocolate cake batter turned out really nice and moist but it also made it difficult for the cupcake liners to stick to the cupcakes, which disrupts presentation style. The snickers filling, on the other hand, might have been a tad bit excessive in terms of sweetness. I should have baked it into the cupcake batter instead of cutting a cone in the middle to fill it in afterwards. I think I should have also attempted to make my own caramel sauce instead of using a pre-made one as that would have given me more control over the taste. I guess what held me back was when I first attempted to make caramel sauce and it came out so bitter, so I was afraid that I would make the same mistake again and waste the ingredients, given that I had not much time to do trial and error till I got it right. Overall, I would say the taste of my cupcakes, in my opinion were good, but if I could do it all over again, I would have preferred to have simplified some of the steps in the recipe so that it wouldn’t be a burst of diabetes in the mouth.

Aesthetically, I have yet to work harder on my presentation. Food photography probably won’t be able to save cupcakes that are not aesthetically pleasing in the first place. Haha. My piping bag burst on me yesterday while I was doing the icing which ruined the consistency of the pattern. I should have also made the decision to refrigerate the icing for awhile before working with it because it got really messy after. I think a bigger icing tip would have also worked better. Again, if I had prepared my own caramel sauce, it would have drizzled better over the cupcakes. I would still have kept the snickers for garnish, though I would have placed it more strategically to make it look more pleasing to the eyes. The cupcake liners were definitely too small as well, I wished for the cupcakes to be bigger. Speaking of liners, it would have probably worked better if they weren’t paper liners.

Oh well, I guess as long Marion likes it – I mean, it is, afterall, for him since it’s his birthday week. Though, in my opinion, it really could have been better but yeah, guess I am okay with my work. I have done better.


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