Marion’s 21st.

On 17th October 2014, my bestest friend in the whole wide world and my loving partner turned 21.

I’m really happy to be sharing yet another birthday celebration with you, witnessing and experiencing the moments, mesmerising at the fact it’s been 6 birthdays with you, and to be the one that puts a smile on your face on this very special day.

For two weeks, The Peaceful Warriors and I have been throwing him off the idea that we will be celebrating his birthday with him. I told him I wanted to just have a celebration with him alone and nothing else as I would usually be the one organising one with the Peaceful Warriors for Marion’s. The good thing about Marion is that he is very blur and unsuspecting of things/hints even if it hits him in the face. It makes the task of pulling off a surprise party much easier. Every part of me wanted to let him know what was going on, I was the one getting excited! I wanted to throw him a Batman Themed Party for awhile now as I know he has this mad love for the Batman comics, so I have been saving that idea for awhile now, till he turns 21.

Backtrack – on 18th October, he thought that a chill day of tea and dinner would be all that there is of his celebration. He wasn’t sad or anything like that, he was pretty nonchalent about things – unlike myself.

Backtrack further – on 17th October (his actual birthday), his mum invited me to have dinner with them at Skinny Pizza. Prior to that, Chels and I went all over Singapore to collect the costumes; from Kampung Bahru Road, to Henderson Road to Northbridge Road, then to buy the ingredients for the food to be prepared on 19th October. Our quest started early in the morning, and we got back just an hour before it was time for me to get ready to meet Marion for dinner with his family. I have been communicating with his brother, Denzel, to get this party together and so he passed me his set of keys behind Marion’s back (literally) that night itself.

18th October, Saturday, it was the day set aside for a exclusive celebration for just the two of us. The intial plan was to go to Sunday Folks for waffles, for tea time, as Marion loves waffles. Unfortunately, the place was too crowded with a waiting time of an hour. Thankfully though, we passed by Baker and Cook, a place I’ve always wanted to try with Marion, so we went there for Tea instead.

B66A1630 copy

It was a pretty chill place though it was also pretty packed, mostly filled with Sunday Folks rejects. Haha, not that Baker and Cook isn’t good, but I guess people wanted waffles more and couldn’t stand the ridiculous waiting time.

B66A1635 copy

Baker and Cook; A great selection of breads, cakes and desserts. Pretty affordable too in my opinion.

B66A1637 copy

We ordered Smoked Salmon Quiche with Pear and Walnuts Salad on the side, Chocolate Caramel Brownie, Eclair, Raspberry Tart and Lemon Drizzle Cake; to share. Iced Latte for Marion, and Rooibus Creme Caramel caffeine-free tea for myself. We were wondering how we were gonna eat dinner afterwards when tea time was at 4pm. Haha.

B66A1651 copy

As the area inside was pretty crowded, we had no other choice but to sit at a table by the stairs, lots of passerbys, not exaclty the ideal table but oh well. To add, some were annoying to the point of actually stopping infront of our table to stare at us/the food for awhile before walking back. I felt like we were some exhibitions for them. It was pretty rude in my opinion.

After that, we headed over to Sentosa as dinner Reservations at Trapizza were at 6.30pm.

B66A1657 copy B66A1659 copy B66A1660 copy B66A1665 copy

We were still feeling pretty full so we took a slow walk over to Trapizza from Beach Station via Sentosa Express. Stoppped by this pier, thought it was a pretty beautiful scenery for photos, hence the camwhoring. But really though, I absolutely love that photo of Marion.

My experience at Trapizza wasn’t exactly one filled with compliments.

B66A1685 copy B66A1677

Although it was a pretty nice place, in terms of ambience, the service was a little haphazard. The nice ambience was mostly due to the fact that it was by the beach which made it a pretty nice place to just wind down and chill. If I had not made reservations, I think we would have been standing there over 20 mins before someone could attend to us. There was no one to serve the customers by the queue so people started walking in on their own to grab their own seats as they got rather impatient from the lack of service, I guess I can understand why they did that. But later on they were told to go back as they were not done preparaing yet. It took me awhile to inform them that reservations had been made before they could seat us at our table. However, once seated, they were pretty nice to us and polite. I guess organisation isn’t their strongest factor but at least they aren’t rude.

B66A1746 copyB66A1713 copy

As we weren’t feeling that hungry, and still pretty full from Tea, we decided to just order Tomato Bruschetta, Pizza Siciliana and some Rosė wine.

B66A1750 copy B66A1763 copy

So that was the 18th, with a very happy birthday boy.

Now, the 19th Oct – The Batman Themed Surprise Party.

We came over slightly over 4pm to prepare the food, the decors and the costume makeup. I especially thank Denzel and Marion’s Mum for taking him out of the house despite the fact that he was getting tired and cranky, and for their cooperation to make this surprise party work.

Daffy, Nick and I blew close to a hundred black and yellow balloons and filled his living room with it, while Chels did their costume makeup in turns.

B66A1810 copy B66A1811 copy

The incredible talent of Chelsea Anne Rodrigues in turning Daffy into Poison Ivy.

B66A1816 copy B66A1853 copy

Nick as Two-Face, mad makeup skills by Chelsea Anne Rodrigues.

B66A1836 copyB66A1850 copy

Chels as Harley Quinn – and this is the talented Chelsea Anne Rodrigues we speak of.

B66A1821 copy B66A1824 copy

Myself as Catwoman – K luh, make up nothing much so don’t need to advertise. Just showing you the individual costumes.

Back to the surprise, as Marion was on his way up, we planted a GoPro to capture the whole thing though the video has not been uploaded yet.

B66A1792 copy

The first thing he could think of was “why are there balloons”, without suspecting that there was a surprise party going on. When he came in to turn on the lights, Chels said in a sinister voice “We’ve been expecting you”, followed by evil laughter from us. Then we told him to get changed to his Batman Costume that was prepared for him in his room.

B66A1858 copy B66A1870 copy copy

Special thanks to The Peaceful Warriors for helping me to organise this Surprise Party for Marion.

B66A1872 copy B66A1862 copy

Would also like to say a big thank you to Denzel and Marion’s Mum. Thanks Denzel for being the middleman to communicate info to your mum. To Marion’s Mum for such kind hospitality, for allowing us to set up your house while you guys were gone as I know most people would be uncomfortable with that idea and for buying back more food.

B66A1865 copy

The feast – Thanks Chels for preparing the meatballs, and for helping with the Bat Symbol of the Birthday Cake, as well as buying the ingredients for the dips and all; to Marion’s Mum for buying more food such as the Sushi Platter and the Popcorn as well as the Fruit Punch; to Daffy for getting the Chicken Wings and to Nick, for helping me wash up, slice up and seed the vegetables.

B66A1921 copy

The Birthday Cake made by me – A devil’s chocolate cake base with Chocolate Ganache and Yellow Buttercream Icing. No fondant involved cause I hate eating fondant, and very homemade in presentation. Could have been more presentable if I worked on it earlier.

B66A1907 copy B66A1900 copy

The second surprise was using relighting candles in which he did not figure out even after he tried multiple times to blow them out. Haha poor Marion.

We really hoped you enjoyed your 21st Birthday Celebration, love, and that it was a night you would always remember – the silliness, the laughter, the goofiness and the friendships endured after all these years. We love you.


A personal note from Catwoman-

B66A1830 copy B66A1833 copy

Though you really irritate the hell out of me sometimes, there is never a day I’m not thankful for your presence in my life.

Your birthday will always be a day worth celebrating, even if you think otherwise, because this date is important to me – it’s the day you were born and therefore, I’m always thankful for your existence in this world. You are always there to hold me up when I am losing my mind, always there to give me the emotional support I need when I am on the verge of a breakdown and always there even when I tell you I need to be alone for awhile.

There is a lot I am thankful for when it comes to you, a lot I have already said in a personal letter to you.

I hope you really enjoyed this 21st, and here’s to many more birthdays to come!

I love you with all my heart, and I will always be your partner in crime (maybe let’s do without the crime).


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