Finally, some light!

  I just got back my results and I am pleased to say that I will be graduating with First Class Honours. I have been waiting anxiously for my results because during my major assessment, one of my lecturers said that I won’t be graded based on my film and how it’s about the process and how I got zero process blah blah blah. And of course, that day was a bad one as I had confronted them too. As a result of my attempt to confront, I started crying because my voice was shaking. But anyway, it feels good to receive that First Class Honours because I feel like I just rubbed it in their faces – those that said I won’t make it.

This is the first time I’ve done well at my final year instead of doing well in my first year and then proceeding to do worst in my final year. I told myself that this time around, my final year has to be it and I am just so overwhelmed with happiness because this is certainly it. My thesis film – without the help of my two good friends in school who are part of my crew, it wouldn’t be as good as what the audience saw. I have a lot to thank them for and I am still very grateful for them despite this being the last time we’ll see each other as much. I am proud of my grades because I know I did work hard for it despite what some of the lecturers may think. Sure my time management could have gone better but I did pull through in the end and whether they believe it was well-deserved or not, I don’t care. Because I know how much I struggled and I’m just so so happy right now.

Thank you, God! Thank you so very much! Thank you for seeing my through the struggles. All those nights I stayed up crying, panicking, needing Marion by my side as I worked through the night. All those nights when all I did was just write and write and write my 8K word dissertation. All those days I came home tired and emotionally drained from shooting my docu because the subjects proved challenging. All those curved balls that life threw at me. It was all worth it. And now I can cry tears of joy. I am so grateful. Thanks to all who saw this through with me – God, My Family, Marion, Lucas, Aloy, Nadia, Preet, Marilyn, Daffy and Nick. And thank you all who prayed for me in my time of struggle.


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