Letters to You 

Dear Suzie,

Daddy came home from his trip last night with such a heavy heart. He said it felt different and strange that you’re not there to greet him. He kept talking about you. We’re all affected. I really miss you, Suzie. You have no idea. 😦

I’m on shoot today and for the next three days. I feel a little alone, alone with my thoughts mostly and it’s unhealthy right now. Cause my thoughts keep leading back to you and how much I miss you. Not like I’ve ever been sociable or anything close, but I find it especially hard to even interact right now or to mingle. Not that I want to share about how sad I am since your passing, nor do I want to pretend I’m okay and that I want to mingle. I just honestly need time to be by myself at home or be with close friends. I thought I’d be fine but I’m not. 

You always brought so much happiness in my life. Whenever I felt sad, I’d think of you and I’d be looking forward to coming back home. Somehow being near you made everything seem less sad or dull. I wish you never had to leave us so early in life. 😦 I wish you never had any of this illnesses. I miss you, darling.


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