Letters to You

Dearest Suzie,

People can be so disgusting sometimes. I never liked people as much as I loved animals. Guess you know why you became my bestfriend. It’s not that every single person on earth sucks, but there are a few I just cannot comprehend or tolerate. 

It’s not that the whole world should stop whatever the hell they’re doing and grief along with us, but it’s this – despite knowing of my personal relationship with you and the stories I’ve told, these people don’t think to ever come forward to just offer any emotional support in this hard time or any kind words even. Not that I’m doing this so people would “say something” to me or to my family but it’s just why would you not? I don’t even know how to express this thought. 

I guess I’m angry all over again. The phases of grief is really exhausting sometimes. Today, I’m just angry. Angry with how disgusting people can be. But there are a few worth mentioning that have really touched me in this time and that’s your groomers – Ben and Clara. They’ve been so kind to us and have offered us so much emotional support. I’m so speechless at the magnitude of their actions. These people only interacted with both Suzie and us thrice and yet, they were there for us. 

Sigh. I miss you, my bestfriend. I feel the rage again. :/


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