It is almost done

My dearest Suzie,

This week has been busy for the whole family. We’ve been making the proper arrangements for your memorial tomorrow. It is going to be a simple one and we wanted to do it to honour your life. Last night, as we sat down writing down our favourite memories of you for the album, we couldn’t help getting emotional during the audio recording. Recalling these memories of you makes us laugh and smile, but the ache stays.

Chels said tomorrow is going to be weird because it’s like closing a chapter – and that chapter is you. It’s a chapter we never want to close. Right now, we’re still making all these arrangements – your album, your memorial, your final resting place and for me, your video. Once all these things are done, what next? Doing these things just means it’s not over yet but we know we cannot let it linger but at the same time, finishing them really means closing this chapter of our lives.

Like the quote said “some day when the pages of my life end, I know you’ll be one its most beautiful chapters”. And it’s true. You are. 

Daddy sent an email that gives me hope that the rainbow bridge really exists. It gave me some sort of peace to know we will be reunited again. Til then, wait for me k? I am going to do whatever I can in my life to keep honoring your memory. When my time is up, wait for me at the rainbow bridge and we’ll cross it together. You can introduce me to all your doggy friends then 🙂 I really miss you so much, Suzie.


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