Your face

Dear Suzie,

I miss your face. I keep looking at old photos of you and I miss seeing you in person. I miss kissing you by the side of your face, the spot you love. I miss being able to hug you – even if it’s on the floor.

I just miss you so much. Life has been different without you. I have a lot of anger I need to deal with. My emotions are too intense, I haven’t been able to keep them under control. I hate feeling this way but I have to protect my mind palace. I have to fortify its fortress. I have to keep fighting, keep moving and keep trying to find ways to pull myself from this dark place my mind’s been in. I didn’t think losing you would deal me a heavy blow. I close my eyes and I can only see your face. You sweet, loving face, telling me it’s gonna be alright. 


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