My mind keeps searching for you

Does missing you get better with time? I really really wish you were here. If you were, you’d be walking in the kitchen by now to see what I’m doing. But to wish that would be selfish of me. It would mean you’d still be suffering and in so much pain

Some days, I am a selfish coward. These are days where I feel like life can’t go on without you and all I want is just to have you around so that I would feel better. I just really miss your company, Suzie. I miss you so much. 

You were the only true friend that loves so unconditionally. I think about the years gone by and I feel like your life was so short. I should be thankful and I am, but I’m never satisfied – always bargaining for more when I already have more. My mind keeps searching for you. I love you so much. 


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