The Suzie Origins, Chapter 2

She was twelve and about to turn thirteen. It was a very confusing period in her life. Friendship drama, boy drama, school drama – well let’s just say it was basically what being a teenager was like.

For her, it was a period of time where she was discovering romantic relationships, drama in friendships and doing well in school through her academics and curricular activities.

Friends she thought she’d always remain tight with became less of that. Their beliefs started differing. No doubt, they were all still best friends – but something changed and she knew it.

Having Suzie around made it a lot less complicated for her. She’d come home from school and her furry friend would greet her excitedly. It was the loveliest sight and one that she would always look forward to as she reached the gates. She started introducing her bestfriends to Suzie after school and they’d play with her. Everyone that met her loved her instantly.

One time, in Suzie’s excitement to greet her friends and her, she went behind them. Without reliasing, she had stepped on Suzie’s paw by accident. Suzie yelped in pain and she immediately bent down to rub her paw and apologised profusely. Suzie remained calm but she couldn’t get over the fact that she had hurt her furry companion, so she ran to her room and cried. Tita came to the room after to comfort her and she put Suzie on the bed. Suzie licked her tears, reassuring her that she was fine.

It was from that moment that she knew how much she hated hearing her furry companion in pain and she promised that she will never harm her furry companion in any way. She would be her protector and she would always look out for her.

It was a confusing time in her life especially when it came to friends.

Best friend no longer became something she had meant but rather a term – an obligation. But she was a confused little teen and she didn’t know how to address that. She started feeling left out from social circles – she didn’t like what their friends’ topic of interests were about, she didn’t like what they joked about and she became jealous or insecure that the one person she considered her best friend from childhood was blending in with them. Her best friend got together with a boy and as much as she was happy for her, she often thought what it’d be like if she had one too. She also wondered how much of her friend would she be seeing these days and the thought of that saddened her.

Her surroundings were becoming unfamiliar – she was indeed out of her comfort zone.

In between all that friendship drama, she met 2 boys in school who were courting her. The attention made her feel good. It was silly but she went around asking “who should I choose” like the stereotypical cheerleader girl in movies. She went around asking people who should she choose not because she wanted to brag, but instead, she wanted some attention – she wanted someone whom she could talk to again.

They were both great guys, both kind and both treated her well. She ultimately chose JK.

Now JK was a decent guy – he’d walk over to her block every morning and walk with her to school – holding hands in their uniforms as they’d walk up the slope to school. He was in her class and they’d always look out for each other. She would tell her best friend about this during recess and for once, she felt like things would be better.

8 months later, her relationship with JK was headed for a split. Her friendships were still filled with going back and forth between good times and bad times. The only thing that remained constant was that each day, when she came back home – whether she was in a good or bad mood – her furry friend would greet her with so much love. And that was what she always looked forward to.

She hated how things weren’t as simple anymore. She no longer had JK and she was no longer as close to her bestfriend. In the confusion of being a teenager, Suzie was her only clarity.

A month after, she dated another guy again – M . He was 1 year her senior and she got together with him only because he showed her interest. However, he had other girls he was flirting with and she was aware but she was a confused teen and all she wanted was a companion. M was nice enough to her but he wasn’t as decent. He’d dedicate songs to her over the radio and get her stuffed toys but he said weird things too. On her birthday, he gave her a birthday punch as a gift. Real charming.

3 months after, they broke up. And again, she grew closer to another guy, A. 

He was nice and for awhile she thought they had potential but her feelings clouded her better judgement. JK and were in the same class as her. JK wanted to get back together with her and things got complicated during their school camp where each class had to do a performance. JK was paired with her in which it involved the guy having to carry the girl. She felt something for JK again – but she didn’t act on it.

She was learning that she had only gone out with A because he liked her but not necessarily because she had true feelings for him. He started getting clingy and it bothered her so they broke up after a month.

Not only were her friendships getting weirder, she realised she had gotten herself into a lot more drama by dating these guys. She soon realised they were all mostly flings rather than actual relationships and she hated who she was becoming.

But she’d come home everyday to Suzie and the only thing she was certain of was that she loved Suzie with all her heart.

All these drama happened at the age of twelve (almost thirteen) – fourteen. And the drama continued until sixteen.
To be continued…



The Suzie Origins, Chapter 1

A little girl at the age of twelve walks down the street towards a car – her father’s. She’s dressed up rather fashionably, slightly mature for her age. She just had lunch with her friend after catechism and her dad had offered to pick her up after. She waves goodbye to her friend and she gets in this seven-seater car, unsuspectingly.

Her whole family is in the car – her dad behind the wheel, her mum at the front, her aunt whom she addresses as Tita in the second row, together with her grandmother whom she calls Lola. Her sister sits at the back – it’s an unusual sight – but she does not ask. Suddenly, she says ‘look what we got’; so she turns around and she sees this tiny salt and pepper puppy coming out from under the pillow. The puppy goes up to her and kisses her and she gasps,

“We have a puppy?”

“Is this ours??”

That was the first moment they met.

They reach home and they put her down on this smooth marble floor. The puppy tries to walk but she slides instead. She does not understand how to walk on these floors, but she does not care – she slides around everywhere. They sit in the living room and they discuss what to call her.



They decided on ‘Princess’.

But after an hour of calling her ‘Princess’, she looked confused but happy. Her mousy expression just longing to nuzzle someone.

They decided it didn’t quite suit her. Then the father and tita mention ‘Suzie’. She looks up and she likes it.


She lies by their side happily.