The Suzie Origins, Chapter 1

A little girl at the age of twelve walks down the street towards a car – her father’s. She’s dressed up rather fashionably, slightly mature for her age. She just had lunch with her friend after catechism and her dad had offered to pick her up after. She waves goodbye to her friend and she gets in this seven-seater car, unsuspectingly.

Her whole family is in the car – her dad behind the wheel, her mum at the front, her aunt whom she addresses as Tita in the second row, together with her grandmother whom she calls Lola. Her sister sits at the back – it’s an unusual sight – but she does not ask. Suddenly, she says ‘look what we got’; so she turns around and she sees this tiny salt and pepper puppy coming out from under the pillow. The puppy goes up to her and kisses her and she gasps,

“We have a puppy?”

“Is this ours??”

That was the first moment they met.

They reach home and they put her down on this smooth marble floor. The puppy tries to walk but she slides instead. She does not understand how to walk on these floors, but she does not care – she slides around everywhere. They sit in the living room and they discuss what to call her.



They decided on ‘Princess’.

But after an hour of calling her ‘Princess’, she looked confused but happy. Her mousy expression just longing to nuzzle someone.

They decided it didn’t quite suit her. Then the father and tita mention ‘Suzie’. She looks up and she likes it.


She lies by their side happily.



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