I looked hard enough..

And I saw –


This morning, I walked into Starbucks and I wanted to grab a tall hot Soy Peppermint Mocha. On the display shelves, I saw a mug with a cover I quite liked and I’ve been wanting to get a new mug for the office cause the one I currently have on my desk doesn’t have a cover which means dust keeps getting in.

The mug was $32.90 and I felt that pinch.

“Do I really want to spend money on just a mug?”

“Do I really need it?”

Well, I bought it anyway. But the blessing was that the lady didn’t charge me for my drink because she said the mug will cover the cost.

Small blessing right? But still a blessing and for that I am thankful.

Today I am thankful because my e.l.f skincare arrived in the mail today. They told me it’d come on 8 Nov but it was earlier than expected.

My current skincare products – Herbalife – are finishing up and I’ve been researching for good cruelty-free skincare. E.l.f skincare is, to my knowledge, not available in Singapore stores but I managed to purchase them via iHerb. They are relatively affordable and I am thankful for that.

I’m doing this because I’ve been quite negative as of late. Been running on low energy at work and moody. It’s high peak period in the office and I haven’t had an output for my stress. I’ve just started my Muay Thai training again but after not doing it for a month because I was sick and recovering from a recurring throat infection – to start again, got me breathless and hyperventilating.

I’ve been feeling this emptiness in my life since Suzie’s passing. There’s a stirring in my heart that I can’t quite seem to satisfy. It’s pointing me somewhere but I’m still discerning and taking my time with this because I cannot act impulsively.

Life has really got me down these days and to be thankful for the smallest of things is a treat. So today, I’m thankful for these small blessings.


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