When you try your best but you don’t succeed

We tried to get our Coldplay concert tickets for two consecutive days and we were so close yet so far away.

Marion and I said that the first concert we’ll ever go together would be Coldplay and when we found out they were coming to Singapore after a long time, we were thrilled. But then there are some inconsiderate people out there who have apparently hacked into the system to get tickets way ahead of time and re-sell these tickets online. It’s very disgusting behaviour because for a first-world country, our citizens act like they have no money and need to resort to black market dealings. When the haze was so bad back in 2013, and the N95 masks were all running low on stock – instead of offering it to others who need it, people bought all of it, if not, most of it, off the shelves and resold them to make a higher profit. To the point that when it’s a matter of health, our Singapore citizens can resort to such a disgusting behaviour.

Yes, I’m upset that I lost out. Yes, I was being a typical Singaporean being kiasu about getting my tickets. Yes, I’m jealous that others who may not as big as a fan of Coldplay got the tickets. But I can overlook all of these emotions if things were done fair and square. If people hadn’t hacked or tried to make a profit of it. If it’s anything that is my pet-peeve in life, it is this – inconsiderate behaviour.

So I guess, for now, goodbye Coldplay concert. We came so close but yet so far away.

We were so upset about it that we decided to just watch a movie tonight. I don’t even go out on a Friday night but here I am watching a movie with my sweetheart on a Monday night. It’s always nice to “come home” to loving arms when your day sucks so bad. Despite the disappointment I felt, I’m glad I got to spend time with Marion and just relax on a Monday night at least.


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