The song ‘All My Loving‘ from the Beatles just came on on my Spotify playlist. This song will always remind me of Marion. 

During our MI days, we went for a theatrical play that was discounted or sponsored by our school. One time during the performance, this song came on and Marion being the cheeseball he is, he turned to me and started singing it to me. Our schoolmates were around us but we didn’t mind it much because our concentration was on each other. The rest were just calefares.

I miss the days where we used to be so daring and forthcoming and bold with our love. Not that I mind the mellow relationship – I appreciate how the relationship matured as we matured, I just don’t want us to lose that childlike wander too much. At that time, nothing else in the world mattered – just us. Some days I still see the younger us in our relationship like that date where we were cycling through a thunderstorm, and I cherish those days a lot because I know they are rare these days.

I laugh when Facebook reminds me of moments that happened X years ago. Marion and I used to write on each other’s wall a lot. It was still called wall back then. We would update our statuses to proclaim how much one loved the other and people were so sick of us but we couldn’t care less – we continued to do so anyway. Every now and then, I would take a screenshot of those conversations on Facebook and send it to Marion and we’d laugh at how silly or cheesy we were. The cheesiness still happens but in the privacy of our whatsapp chat.

As much as I miss the carefree days we had and the bold proclamation of love, I appreciate that we saw each other through the difficult times and the foundation in which our love was built on which is friendship. Even though it’s not as bold or carefree or cute as it used to be, it’s earnest, deep, enduring, asks the hard questions, and comforts. It’s home.

As much as I believe we are headed for marriage and we talk about it often, I will never know what the future brings. I know that we’re both flawed. I know that the relationship is far from perfect. I know we still need to put a lot of hard work in ourselves for the major flaws that hinders our relationship. I know that how we started out wasn’t the most ideal. I know that despite all of that he makes me laugh, he always tries, and he always has good intentions for me. I know that no matter what happens to us in the future, this relationship will always mean a lot to me.