Short stories by Cristy Amanda

As she stood in the crowded lift, she moved to the corner where she rested her foot against the wall of the lift. It was her habit to fidget in uncomfortable spaces. As her foot moved into the deep corner, she wondered if there was no end to the wall. She thought to herself how nice it would be if it was an opening passage to Narnia in there. Maybe she so badly wanted to get out of an uncomfortable space and to stop feeling small or maybe, all she wanted to do was to just be by herself so that she could continue humming her embarrassing tunes or doing that stupid dance she does when she’s impatient, or having her internal dialogue spoken out loud. She liked being on her own and she wondered how long would it take for her to reach Narnia if Narnia was truly on the other side of the lift. She imagined she’d be walking for hours in awe. Oh the joy of just abandoning all responsibilities impulsively in the moment, if only to escape for a while. 


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