Once upon a Misty Crayon

I just want to have a lazy stay-in day with you watching Disney movies in the living room and sipping on hot soup. We would snuggle and enjoy each other’s company. If we had popcorn or even cookies, I’d be stuffing them in your mouth with every chance I get because it’s what I do. You’d look at me with that “I’m annoyed with you but I adore you” face. Moments like these make me feel like I can’t wait to get my married life started with you, provided we really do make it to and through marriage. But I am aware that it won’t always be pretty but it’s not because of just the pretty moments that I want this lifetime with you. I want this lifetime with you because life is hard and there’s nobody else I’d rather go through the hard times with than with you. Whether I had a good day or a bad day, with you, it’s just always better.


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