Funny conversations with Marionthefrayna

We were discussing potential names for our future kids while walking back home and he said he wants to give our daughter a boy name since there’s so many girl names I want to avoid. That was the start of his annoying suggestions.

After looking through some names, he then went on to suggest names that are weird. He event went to the point of saying “what if our daughter is born during the monsoon then we have to name her something related to it”. I told him that we must look at the meanings of the names too because I believe in name meanings. We came across a few names that we thought are quite nice but the meaning of the names were not the best, such as “dark-haired”. And he was so convinced it was a good name meaning, he went on to say that “our child will have very dark hair then”. At this point I wanted to face palm because both our hairs are black so obviously our child’s hair would be black too. Then we came across the name “Serenity” and he was like “ohhh Serenity!” The conversation that ensued after almost losing my mind at his annoying suggestions was this –

Cristy: Yeah let’s name her that so that I can have some.

Marion: *laughing* Can I have some serenity in the house?

And we both started laughing. I told him I’ll also proceed to name the rest of our kids “Justice”, “Hope”, “Joy” etc. And we laughed about it for some time before he said “omg why are we so lame.”

Our conversations can be so lame or cheesy sometimes but I thoroughly enjoy these moments with Marion. There’s no one else I can be as weird or lame with, as him.

I don’t know why we started discussing kids’ names yet as we’re not even expecting, much less, married; but it gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling. I can’t say for sure if our relationship will be till marriage as we’re still discerning but I do hope we would because I really can’t see how anyone else can laugh at the same lame things as I do. No one else gets me quite like he does. I just don’t want a life with anyone else.


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