“I know I’m not the center of the universe
But you keep spinning round me just the same”


“Whenever I have a stressful day, you’re the only person I want to talk to. Which, I know, sucks for you, but you deal with it like a champ. And I appreciate that.”

Thank you for meeting me for dinner last night. Thank you for insisting on paying for me meal even though you’re not working yet. Thank you for being present whenever I have so much anxiety in life. You may think it’s such a small thing to be super appreciative about but to me it isn’t. I feel the need to always put up a tough front as much as I can despite having a shitty day. By babying me, means allowing me to be vulnerable and soft because to me it means this. – “I have you now, you can collapse into my arms and I will carry your world for you in this moment.” You allow me to be vulnerable and I allow myself to let go because I know you’ll keep me safe.

I’m listening to Yellow now from Coldplay because the song came on, on Spotify, while on shuffle mode, and it brings me back to the concert in Bangkok with you. I am remembering how you lifted my chin to kiss me during this song. I was so shy but it made me fuzzy because in my mind, time stopped for awhile and in that moment it was just you and me. It has always been you and me.

Female toilets

Everytime I want to enter a cubicle of the female toilet, I push the door slowly like it’s a horror story because sometimes it really is a horror story. A lot of men have the impression that girls are typically cleaner or more hygienic but I beg to differ. Some girls are utterly atrocious with their toilet etiquette. The things I see behind that door are too disturbing for me to even list them down.

I notice that most ladies take the same approach as I do when they want to enter a cubicle. I can tell you that a majority of women does the same exact action. Sometimes I am in the cubicle and hear the person in the cubicle next to mine come out and I don’t hear the tap turned on after that so I assume the person did not wash their hands after using the toilet. I get it, to each her own but please stop leaving “gifts” for the rest of the ladies using the toilet after you. I just cannot understand what’s so hard about making sure the cubicle is good to use after they’ve used it.

Very often in the past, when I went for church camps, I would always hope that my group doesn’t kena (get) the female toilet cleanup duty on the last day of camp. Even though the male toilets are smellier, at least they’re so much cleaner to clean!

At work, or at any shopping mall, I would try my best to always go to the toilets on the higher floors unless I’m super urgent and can’t hold it in much longer. Yes, I am a little enthusiastic about clean toilets. I love it when they look so pristine and when the air always smells good. Even though I’m not as bad as other women when it comes to dirty toilets whereby I won’t hold my my pee in if I really got to go, I would do it if I’m not so urgent.