Cristy Rodrigues is an avid animal-lover and has always felt strong compassion for animals. She believes that it is up to humans to be the voice for the voiceless and to be protectors of these sacred lives. She wanted to pursue veterinary after taking her O’levels but was made impossible by her science grades. She was often told that it may not be right career for her as she would cry for every animal she had to put down. She abandoned that dream and instead went on to study film as she was better in the Arts than in Science.

During her time in Lasalle, she picked up documentary as her major to pursue her dream of working in National Geographic so that she can combine the two together – Film and Animals. She did not go on to pursue that dream upon graduation as she soon realised she was not as passionate as her peers about filmmaking. Nonetheless, she enjoys analysing films and watching good films and television series. She also enjoys going out to do some amateur photography inspired by her Lasalle days. She is mostly interested in portrait and street photography. You can find some of her photography works here:


500px: cristyamanda

Showreel of the films she has made:

Towards the end of Lasalle days, her dog and beloved companion, Suzie, was reaching her final days. Cristy’s devotion to her dog drove her to want to help animals even more especially after Suzie passed away. Her biggest dream is to open an animal sanctuary one day and name it after her late dog. As of now, she would like to volunteer at a shelter to help in any way she can. She boycotts circuses, elephant rides, photos with tigers or any holiday attractions that features cruelty to animals in any way. She urges people to spread awareness of this.

Aside from being an animal lover, Cristy is also an amateur baker. To date, she has made cookies, cupcakes, three-layer cakes and pies. She’s still working on the aesthetics for her piping skills and she’s looking for ways to veganise her cakes without compromising the taste. Although she does not bake as much these days, she still bakes for her loved ones on their birthdays or any other special occasions. As a buyer, she loves light cakes such as Lady M’s Mille Crepe Cake or Strawberry Fraisier Cake.

Lately, Cristy has taken an interest in Mixed Martial Arts, particularly Muay Thai. She has always believed that women should be empowered to protect themselves should they find themselves in a dangerous situation. Although she does not train to fight, she hopes to pick up these skills should she ever need it. She also enjoys the good workout she gets from doing Muay Thai. She hopes to achieve peak physical fitness again. She likes picking up new sports and hopes to pick up Boxing, Archery, Rock Climbing and Fencing after Muay Thai.

Cristy loves nature and adventures. A good hike is always welcomed. She believes that nature is medicine for the soul; and in solitude once in awhile. She also enjoys a good book or a comic occasionally and would love to get back into reading as much as she used to as a kid.